Sunday, January 15

well we gotta start off somewhere...

So hi everyone, and welcome to this blog. I've got to admit I'm rather new to this and not quite sure of proper blog etiquette, so if I commit any faux pas please let me know...
Actually I find it quite ironic that I'm doing this. While I'm fond of all the things computers can do for us, I have also always been very wary of getting too attached and dependent on them. E-mail especially rubs me the wrong way, as it trivializes communication while depriving us of natural human interplay (body language and such) and in general I try to stay as de-wired as possible. So why am I here?
Well, I suppose an element of egoism comes into it. I mean, come on, admit it, you've got to be somewhat egotistical to imagine that random people could possibly be interested in the things you have to say. Or perhaps it's just the need to be heard.
In any case, here I find myself in a country (Greece) and a city (Athens) which is my own yet not my own (I'm half Greek, raised in Canada, and, though I feel much closer to my Greek half, still adjusting to what is essentially a foreign environment). And while I've met many nice people here, I have not yet found enough people who like talking about the things I like to talk about on a regular basis. And so I think a large part of my brain is not being exercised, and I am slowly stopping to think about the things that I used to think about and consider important. So basically this blog is my way of re-awakening that part of my brain, and staying in touch with myself.
And if I get in touch with other people who think the same way through it, even better I guess!
And I suppose in time I'll get used to the idea of being completely wired.
Incidentally, what do I mean by wired? Well, basically being wired means interacting with any form of technology. If you walk down a street and a security camera picks you up, you are wired. If you pay for something with a credit card, you are wired. Essentially, as soon as any part of yourself: your image or your personal information, is captured by a technological medium, you are wired.
And when you have something like a blog, you are very intentionally and drastically extending the limits of your physical boundaries. I now, as you read this post, no longer exist just inside my head and in the heads of those who know me, but as a digital entity, spreading myself out across the world by way of the net. I am no longer just me but bits of data hurtling through cyberspace. You could even call me a cyborg, in the sense that who I am is now being extended through a technological medium. Scary thought, huh? Kind of reminds me of those tribes that didn't like having their photo taken cause they thought it would capture their souls.
Oh shoot. I promised no philosophising and here I go already. But I suppose it's appropriate, as I embark on this blog, to spare one last thought to what it is I'm doing!
For those interested, here's a link to a site with further stuff on the subject of being de-wired (going under the name of Luddism, the Luddities being those guys who were against the Industrial revolution and went around destroying technology).
Incidentally, I'd highly recommend the Neil Postman book Entertaining Ourselves to Death, which is not mentioned on the site, though there are other links to his work. Neil Postman being a media theorist, who just died recently, who basically thought the media was turning all our brains into mush. Also here's a link to the wikipedia entry on Steve Mann, who they are calling the first cyborg. Which I suppose he is but they fail to make clear that he is also in some ways a huge proponent of de-wiring, the main reason he wears all that stuff being in fact to challenge the infringement of our rights and privacy by technology.


buruburu said...

Welcome to the blogoshphere and you are most definetely 'wired'. Ever stop to think that there's a metaphysical aspect to all of this? What you type is only ones and zeros, but assuming competent writing you get to project your consciousness and interact with other people despite physical limitations.
Heh. This just popped into my head. Welcome to the internet, God for the couch culture.

kassandra said...

thanks buru... though you just confirmed my worst fears! It's exactly what you said (better and more succinctly than I did): it's the fact that you're projecting your consciousness in the form of ones and zeroes that makes you a CYBORG. But hey, being part man, part ones and zeroes does have its benefits i suppose!

EllasDevil said...

Hey there Kass, just saw your post on SeaWitch's blog and had to come check you out.

Well I hope Athens is treating you kindly and you'll soon find people who are as wired/unwired as you are and who are on the same wavelength... maybe we're those people and the unawakened part of your brain will be drinking coffee and popping caffiene pills before the end of the week!

Well I'm looking forward to seeing your blog topics!!

Ta leme

Franje said...

Hi Kassandra,
I saw your post on SeaWitch's blog too. Welcome to the blogosphere! :)

I look forward to reading what you observe about life in Athens.

Are you familiar with the Danforth in Toronto?

deviousdiva said...

Hi Kassandra, welcome from me too. There's quite a community of bloggers living here writng in english! Good luck with yours. I will be checking back regularly.

adfjkaj said...

Hello Kassandra,

Welcome to the blog community. I hope you find it as exciting as I have...