Friday, February 3

The Crumbling Legacy of Athens

A comment made by 'd' in regards to my previous blog has reminded me of a project I've been mulling over for some time now. As I said in my reply to him, I really love all the old neoclassical buildings that survive in Athens, and I'm greatly disturbed by the condition most of them are in. Here and there you see them being renovated, usually by large corporations who no doubt strip their insides, while many others are likely past saving. However, a large number are probably still salveagable, yet nothing is being done! The last remnants of the beautiful city Athens could have been are being completely neglected... I can only assume that tearing them down is prohibited due to their historical status, so their owners are just waiting till they become completely derelict and dangerous, so that they may then demolish them and sell off the property to a company wanting to erect yet more of the (no doubt profitable) concrete blocks. I have also heard that many of the buildings are church property, having been bequeathed to the church in peoples' wills. And the church just lets these properties languish... dropi!!! In any case, I'm interested in photographing and perhaps cataloging these buildings before they all crumble into dust, but there are so many and I have trouble keeping track of the Greek street names. So if anyone has any pet crumbling buildings they would like to see commemorated, please post me their location, being as specific as possible! Thank you.

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