Monday, February 6

Vhere'd It Go, My Vertigo?

Continuing on the "stand up for your health rights" theme, I personally know three people who suffer from vertigo, which I think is rather a lot for one person to know! So, we can assume it must be quite common - but for those lucky enough to not have this disease/condition (what's the difference anyway?) it causes you to suddenly, for no apparent reason, get very dizzy. If you are unlucky enough to be standing when the world starts to spin, you will fall over. If you are furthermore unlucky enough to be standing at the top of a long flight of stairs at the time, you are likely to break your front teeth off. So my first two friends were told their condition was incurable, and accepted this, broken teeth and all. The third was told the same by the first doctor she went to... and the second... and the third... but she just wouldn't take 'no' for an answer, and kept on going and going like the energizer bunny until she found a specialist in the illness. And what do you know? There is, if not a cure, then a way of stopping vertigo when it starts to happen. So if you have vertigo, start taking notes: the procedure is called the Epley Manoeuver, and as far as I understand, involves the doctor twisting your head around in alarming-looking ways until you projectile vomit violently all over the place. Not pleasant, perhaps, but certainly preferable to lying in bed watching the crack on your ceiling spin round for weeks on end. Other recommended forms of prevention are kneading those little squeezy balls when you feel an attack coming on (which probably most people here in Athens could benefit from, come to think of it) and doing crossword puzzles. (Why crossword puzzles? Don't know, but hey it'll make you smarter so what the heck!)
Yet another good example of why most doctors can't be trusted, and why you, at risk of being called 'Argan', should never never take no for an answer where your health is concerned!


dave said...

so weird you posted about this. i had vertigo last month. alls i gotta say is DON'T GET THIS SHIT, because it SUCKS.

kassandra said...

So now I know four people... weirder and weirder. I must be a vertigo magnet or something!
And you with your crosswords... guess they don't work that well.
Good luck!