Thursday, March 23


Allow me to join the trend of posting about the searches people have done which have led them to our blogs. (There's a bit of a thrill in checking out other people's searches - it's like peeking inside their brains, isn't it?)
Along with the to be expected google searches for: "canadian citizen living in Athens Greece" and so forth, I got the following:

a voice thing when pou type it it talk about the thing s you typing

... I don't know what to tell this person. Maybe to do a search for 'a brain thing when you think it it help you make sense about the things you thinking'

AND (most mystifying of all):

doctor pants down looked room

OK I'm stumped. Was he looking for porn??? Was she molested by her doctor and looking for a support group??? What???!


Loop said...

Kassa : please sing it
Over 300,000 baby seals will be clubbed or shot to death mercilessly during Canada's seal hunt this year; many will be skinned alive.

buruburu said...

doctor pants down looked room heh? Why do you automatically assume it is a guy? Could be a girl looking for a sexy semi nude doctor. It does say pants mind you and not skirt. Makes you think eh?
My point being. Take it easy Kassa :D

kassandra said...

buru: okay, okay you got me. Reverse sexism. Guilty as charged.

buruburu said...

Hehe, no worries. :D