Monday, May 22


OK so on Saturday I joined most people in watching Eurovision.

We laughed, we cried (if we were Anna Vissi anyway), and we were fairly well entertained.

But then, on Sunday, I wanted to do nothing, take a day off and doss about in front of the TV.

Unfortunately, it seemed that on every single channel all one could find were panels of talking heads discussing WHY IT WAS THAT GREECE CAME 9th.

And not one person had the courage to come out and say - "Hey, maybe it was because the song sucked?'

Yeah, Greece loves you Anna.

But really, enough already. Please. Cause if I hear the word Eurovision one more time....


deviousdiva said...

Yep. The song sucked. and just so people don't think I'm being anti-Greek, the UK entry sucked too. I retreated to a non-Eurovision place on Saturday because you know what... it all sucked in the end.

Anonymous said...

oh the song sucked...eeee

what are ya john denver fans,,


== z ==

p.s. were are you scruffy american
when your opinion counts.

betabug said...

Actually they all sucked except maybe two of them (Finland and Lithuania :-)... I wanted to hit "Fast Forward" constantly through the show.

Flubberwinkle said...

Ahhh, but Eurovision is the bread and butter of TV, press tabloids and a good vacancy filler for non-existing TV news. It will be many a time throughout the year that we will be shown Ms.Vissi with her Gautier outfit desperately stressing that she loves everything about us. Here's a joke to get you through this trying Eurovision blackhole: "When the Finns were still climbing trees, Anna Vissi was dating Fragkolias".
Undoubtedly, Eurovision as a cultural exchange is a myth. It sucks big time, but you gotta have a good laugh once in a while.
And, unsuprisingly, the rants and whines have commenced on how Greece was once again foiled by diplomatic and boundary affiliations. The bottom line is that "we are" NOT "the winners of Eurovision", niah, niah, niah. And Rousopoulos is a fraidy cat, niah, niah, niah.

The SeaWitch said...

If only the media would devote as much time to dissecting the economic, educational or structural policies of this country as they do to the outcome of Eurovision, then maybe, we might actually see some improvement. I could understand the hype if say, ABBA were performing a song. LOL (Did I mention that I love Abba? LOLOL)