Sunday, May 7


On a more serious note: My cousin found two puppies last week and needs to find a home for them.
She was walking her dog late at night when she came across a box in the middle of the street. And in the box were two adorable puppies. So of course she brought them home with her.
She's taken the puppies to the vet and they've had all their shots and received a clean bill of health.
The puppies are 3 months old, and probably a cross between a German Shephard and a Collie.
So if you have a big house, yard, farm, etc. (cause they'll be big dogs), please, take pity!!! They're really, really cute. And homeless. And someone just dumped them. They'd probably make great sheep dogs!
Contact me via e-mail (link top right below my profile).

The really ridiculous thing is that all she's gotten from her entire family is flack for taking them in! They're all making her feel bad, telling her it wasn't her problem and she should have ignored them!!! Now, I really don't understand this behaviour. If you don't have the guts to do the right thing yourself, don't make others feel bad for doing it! Like having to mop up puppy pee isn't enough of a challenge (two puppies = a lot of pee - but she's working on getting them house-trained), to have to deal with unsympathetic family members as well is too much! (And no, she's not sharing accomodations with any of them).



Emily said...

I agree Kassandra, your cousin did an admirable thing when she took in the puppies, and I really hopes she finds homes for them.
Of course, as the owner of a former stray cat who may need a temporary (or even permanent) residence in Greece this summer, I also empathize alot with the desperate "oh no, what do I DO with this adorable animal" conundrum.

The SeaWitch said...

My husband found a puppy abandoned on the street a few years back on Christmas eve. She was freezing cold and we thought she'd never last the week but we cleaned her up, fed her through a syringe and kept her warm until the vet's office opened a couple of days later. He gave her her needles and wished us luck since she was very weak. To make a long story short, not only did she survive the first week, she became a totally different puppy. We thought we'd found a shy, nervous dog but she turned out to be a holy terror and tormented our Boxer for the next 3 months. LOL She's with another family now who loves her and I think your friend is a wonderful person who still cares enough to do something. And I'm sure those puppies will also find good homes...especially once their house-trained. It's a tough job but I think it'll be easier to place them once she does that.
As for spaying Greek dog-loving friends criticise me for spaying our dog. They see it as cruel even though I tell them it's more cruel for dogs to have puppies which no one wants to take care of. If you're not going to breed your dog, then the responsible thing to do is to have him/her spayed. If all pet owners did that, we wouldn't have such a probem with strays. It breaks my heart to see beautiful dogs roaming the streets trying to stay alive all because thoughtless owners get 'cute' puppies but when they turn into big dogs, they put them on the streets.

Emily said...

Hmmm, do Greeks not usually spay their pets? Because I have been thinking about getting my kitty spayed, and I was going to do it as soon as possible, in Greece, so I hope that IS possible...and not too expensive.

kassandra said...

Seawitch: Well that's a heartwarming 'tail'! Oh gosh the cheese factor. Sorry.
Anyway, to be honest I also have qualms about neutering animals - when you think about it, it's only a step removed in hideousness from cutting dogs' vocal cords so they don't bark or extracting a cat's nails. Ughh. But in the end I have to group it in the the 'necessary evils category. For those who can't see it that way, then it's simple: they have to find homes or keep the puppies. Or keep their dog inside all the time, except when accompanied. But how people can decide that operating a dog is more cruel than leaving it to die is just incomprehensible to me. Just imagining some person dumping that box then driving off carelessly, leaving the whimpering balls of fur behind, gives me the shivers.
Emily: At least you're worrying about it, and she was a stray you took in. Completely different from buying a 'pure breed' dog, not neutering it, then dumping its puppies! I'm sure you'll find a solution somehow...
Anyway, don't worry, there should be no prob getting Calypso neutered... and as far as I've seen vet services here are dead cheap (at least compared to Canada, where I once paid 80 dollars to get a thread removed from my cat's throat. Here they'd probably do that for free!) If money's really tight you could also try looking up a Thessaloniki cat charity in your area (do a search on the net - there's sure to be one) and asking (well, begging) for your cat to be included in the usual roundup and sterilization of stray cats these organisations do periodically, since after all, she was a stray, and you took her in out of the kidness of your heart... that's how you gotta play it to them anyway. Only prob is they will snip the tip of the cat's ear off to indicate it's been done.

kassandra said...

Two clicks and... this seems to be the main one in Thessaloniki: ARGOS Animal Welfare. At the very least they'll be able to direct you to an honest vet.

Emily said...

Thanks so much, Kassandra! That's very helpful!

Anonymous said...


HI Kassandra,,youre back.
hope all is well,
DO a have a giant burlap of a cat
ten years now, found him ,
outside my door , a little baby
clinging to my foot , while
i tried to , shake him off,,
he looked up at me ,, saying
"you idiot im here to stay"
and even though ive moved homes
several times , hes stayed with
my family , and now owns us.
I neytered him when he was 4,
and he has had his shots regurlarly
HE NOW RESIDES mainly in the top
loft of the house watching passerbys and commenting on their
behavior,, sorry to rant ,,
but i love my cat. =z=

kassandra said...

Ha ha Zardoz, your cat sounds like quite a character! Congratulations on being a responsible pet owner, and all pet related rants are more than welcome here - I don't have a cat of my own at the moment (given that I might move any day) and thus can only live vicariously through others' cat tales! Besides, who can get enough of their cute little furry antics?

Also: an update on the puppy situation - a lady came to see the puppies last week, interested in taking only one, but when she saw the two of them together it was love at first sight, and BOTH puppies are now enjoying themselves at a lovely farm-like place near Halkida.
Ah, I love happy endings!

Anonymous said...

My dog just had 9 puppies. I found homes for 8 of them and I have 1 left. He is really cute. He is tan and white. He needs a good home. If anybody is interested please email me at I would keep him myself but I already have 3 myself.

Anonymous said...

it just depends what kind it is and where u located at me and hubby lookin for a dog compaion to play and enjoy and take for walks and get a vet close by email me a pic of at

Anonymous said...

I love dogs and when im older i want to be able to take in homeless dogs. At the minute we have a northen inuit puppy and hes adorable. I hate how some people just dump their dogs somewhere to get rid of them or for someone else to hopefully care for them. Whats even worse is some people even drown their dogs! In a few weeks we might be able to take in a homeless dogs depending on what breed and how old it is. I hope everyone that is looking for a home for a puppy (or any animal they have found that is homeless) manage to find a home for them. If you are desperate for someone to take a dog in then you can contact me as i no quite a few people that mighth be able to help you. my email is

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lau said...

She did a good deed. I want a puppy but dont want to waste money buying one, i'd rather get one from people who have them to give away instead of dumping them and leaving them puppies to defend for themselves.
That is sooooo cruel.