Saturday, June 24


Hi faithful blog readers... if there are any left?
This is just to let you know that I have not dropped off the face of the earth, died and gone to heaven or hell, joined the trend and moved back to Canada, or any such thing. I have quite simply been:
- taking care of some mundane practical matters in my life (like the messy state of my house, the empty state of my refrigerator, and the scattered state of my brain. I guess I'm having one of those "I've got to be a responsible adult" months.)
- racing to watch seasons two and three of Six Feet Under, which we finally managed to get our hands on, before Panos leaves for Mitilini this Monday (we finished both seasons last night - yes that's 2 seasons in under a month. And I have to say we have become increasingly disappointed and disillusioned with the series as it goes on. Please, someone, does season 4 get any better? As in, does any of the black humour, focus on at least semi realistic drama, etc, come back?)
I have also more recently been:
- On a short (5 day) vacation to Sifnos last week. Which was very nice. Unfortunately, I have no pictures to share with you as the digital camera broke on the first day. Grrr. I must say though that the real pics, taken with my Exacta of course, are amazing. Maybe I'll do a brief write-up on what I though of Sifnos in the next few days. Maybe. If it rains and cools down a bit.
Which brings me to the fourth and last thing I've been doing recently: melting from the heat. I mean seriously, guys, when it's 37 degress out, who can be bothered to site on a sweaty desk chair near a box emitting even more heat, rather than just wilting somewhere on the bed? Besides, the ceiling fan (newly installed by handyman Panos!) is in the other room.

Besides that not much new. Just saw the Botero exhibit this morning, which was pretty fantastic. Oh, and yeah, I'll soon be boyfriend-less for the next month till I join him on the island in August (nothing compared to the near-3-month separation we underwent last summer!) Also am hating my job more and more with each passing day. Gotta figure out something temporary I can do until The Plan is put into effect, cause I don't know how much more I can take.
And c'est tout.

So postings to this site will most likely be fairly erratic for the summer - and non-existent in the month of August, but bear with me. We should be back up and running during the winter months!

Besides, it's SUMMER. Go OUTSIDE. You shouldn't even be online right now! Go to the sea or something. Sunbathe on your balconies! Drink frappe at an outdoor cafe! Whatever! Just get out there and enjoy yourselves!



betabug said...

"You shouldn't even be online right now!"

Yeah... just that I have to work too. So I'm sitting here in front of this 'puter (with a/c in the office) and reload your blog page every 10 minutes so I have something to do :-p

Enjoy summer! Write up some cool stuff during August, so we have something to read in the office in September!

kassandra said...

Wow every ten minutes, I'm flattered. Well I'd do the same at my office except that they actually monitor which sites we visit, being fascist bastards, so I'd get fired.
Will definitely think up some stuff to write during August... while lazing on the beach that is. But actually, I just realised, no boyfriend = no car = limited mobility, so I might keep up with the blogging a bit after all. Plus there's actually room on the desk for my Mac now and i'm getting to experience this on my lovely 17 inch with Safari which makes it a lot more fun... ahhhh Macs.

iamyuva said...

summer is here - where should i be??

you got nice summer plan..

i was in germany last week and off to sweden next month. iam still exploring possiblities in greece. since august will be crowded avoid greek islands.. may be mainland visits..

cheers, Yuva