Sunday, February 4


I’ve been tagged (cursed?) by toomanytribbles! For the top five songs I’d play at my own funeral. Wow. And no I’ve never considered this before. But it’s very High Fidelity – which is a great book and movie – so I’ll do it.
It’s REALLY tempting to come up with the 5 funniest titles I can think of (eg Queen’s ‘Another One Bites the Dust’, The Jam's 'Going Underground', or The Pixies ‘Monkey Gone to Heaven’) but I’ll resist the urge and try to take this semi-seriously.
Problem is, I really don’t want a typical funeral, people crying and blabbing on about what I was like… just dump me in the ground or cremate me thank you very much, show’s over – no service, definitely no church, and no dumping a huge bill for the ceremony on those I leave behind.
Hmmm. I may have been watching too much Six Feet Under of late.
However, I suppose the loved ones I’ve left behind will want to get together to mourn me somehow, and how better than a party? So, the top 5 songs that I, as DJ, would play at my hopefully-not-too-weepy funeral party:

1. The Beta Band – Dry the Rain
Manages to be melancholy and uplifting at the same time. And always a favourite of mine.
[alas no video available]

2. Baz Lurhman – Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

My last chance to dispense words of advice to any youngsters I might have left behind. Especially appropriate if I’ve died of skin cancer – but then, of course, it might be considered a bit tasteless.

3. INXS – Never Tear Us Apart

For my significant other. Unless he’s managed to beat me to the punch. In which case, what the hell, play The Pixies ‘Monkey Gone to Heaven’.

4. Cousteau – Of This Goodbye

Well there’s gotta be ONE "go on and have a good cry, then" number, right?
[alas no video available]

5. Paul Weller – Long Hot Summer (live)

Has that melancholy ‘it’s all over’ feel. Also hopefully my life will have been like one long hot summer. Also – I've got my reasons… let's just say this one’s a must. And it's gotta be played last.

[NOT the right version, but will have to do.]

Now... mwah ha ha... who to tag... definitely teacher dude, cause I like his taste in music and he'll probably figure out a way to turn this into a neat-o lesson... documentarist - who wants to bet that a song by The Cure will make its way onto her list? And, lastly, emilyz cause I think it's about time she got tagged for something!


liz said...
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liz said...

you're right... the second i read this post a song by the cure popped into my head... haven't figured them all out yet, but will have the list ready in a few days... thanks ;P... can you hear the sarcasm??? ...

toomanytribbles said...


teacher dude said...

Actually, the funeral song question was part of an exercise I did last year in the first week of lessons. LOL

Btw my students are also writing their own obituaries this week. Macabre but fun.

I saw the Cure live in the 80's at an open air festival. It was great as the the sun was just setting and there was a thunder storm approaching from behind the stage. Talk about light show.

keti said...

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